Renton Reptile Expo 2014

If you read my last post you know that I was getting all excited to go to the Seattle Reptile Expo in Renton, Wa yesterday! It was such a blast! We arrived totally unprepared mentally for what this expo was going to be like, there were so many people it was extremely hard to navigate, and unfortunately there were a lot of silly folks who brought their babies in a huge stroller making it harder for the rest of us to get a good look at the critters.So if you intend to visit an expo like this expect a large group of people and to make it easier on yourself show up with a small group of people, I went with three other people and it was hard to stay together in the crowd. in my situation neither me nor my boyfriend likes crowds all that much so by the end of it we were both a little cranky, and the traffic driving home didn’t help any either. But if some Starbucks cant solve crankiness, I don’t know what can.

There were so many vendors there and so many different reptiles, there was even a munchkin cat! Who was very cute by the way. Anyways we knew there would be a lot of people there but the space we were in was just not big enough for all of us. So we went in looked at what we had come to see, EVERYTHING. Ian decided he wanted a bearded dragon so he got one! (picture below). He doesn’t have a name yet but we have been brainstorming like crazy! He is so cute and sweet, he was the runt of his litter so Ian got him for a crazy good price for his age, he is a year old and was half the size of his siblings so we are hoping that means he won’t be getting too much bigger than he is already.

Unfortunately my camera on my phone got all scratched up the day before the expo so the only photos I have to share are the ones my boyfriend took and sent to me.


Me and my boyfriends new baby Bearded Dragon

Little beardie posing for the camera

Little beardie posing for the camera