Pets and Hobbies

Lately me and my boyfriend, Ian, have been exploring the ideas of new fun pets. I live in a dorm so pets are out of the picture except for a little fish bowl which I have taken full advantage of I have a Calico Goldfish named Dave and a little guppy who has no name for

no reason at all.

Β  Image

I have a not so slight obsession with turtles and would totally get one if I didn’t live in a dorm, and Ian actually just recently had two Pea Puffers ( super small puffer fish), unfortunately they both got sick and passed away, but they were very fun and cute while he had them and we both miss those two cuties. is what the Pea Puffers look like πŸ™‚ about the size of an actual pea!

back in March Ian and I were in Snohomish and we came across this amazing pet store! It’s like a Pet Co but fancy and better! they didn’t have puppies or kittens but they had all kinds of reptiles and fish and bunnies and hamsters and such. We actually went to that store two days in a row because we loved it there so much, all the employees were so nice and they ll really knew what they were talking about too. Well the second day we went there my boyfriend decided it was a good day to get a new fun pet, to my horror he purchased a tarantula. A Avicularia Versicolor to be exact… Ian’s is only a sling (baby) right now so we don’t know the gender or anything which is tough, a female can live up to 20 years where a male will only live 6 or 7.This is about the size of Ian’s, who he named Zipporah. Not sure on the spelling there though so don’t quote me! But when the little creature rows up it will look a little something like this,some turn out ore blue and some turn out a vibrant magenta color. The scary thing is though a female could reach up to 6 inches across… that’s a big spider, and I am not a fan. But my man loves his little thing so I will try to as well…

I am super excited for May 3rd because there will be a reptile exhibit in Seattle and there will be much more than just reptiles there and I can’t wait! I really do love all animals except for the ones with more than 4 legs… creepy things. Anyways can’t wait to post pictures of our adventures in Seattle soon!