Blogger Challenge Day 6

So day six is upon us and the topic of this post is to show youย  what I am currently reading….

Cue the disappointment because I am not currently reading anything really, I have started a few books and wasn’t able to really get into them simply because of the lack of down time I have to read. When I read I sit and normally will read for a good couple of hours but not being able to read for that long has really put a damper on my reading… I guess I could say I am reading my school text books but you guys don’t want to read about that.

What I am spending quite a bit of time doing however is watching YouTube videos, I am subscribed to A TON of beauty gurus on YouTube like Heart Defensor (ThatsHeart), Meghan Rienks, and Ingrid Nilsen (Missglamorazzi). I have been obsessed with these ladies for a bout a year now and I cannot go a day without checking to see if there are new videos. My dream right now would be to become one of them, they get to go do such cool stuff, they get invited to events and award shows and they are apart of such a close knit community I want to be a part of it! But I can’t afford a fancy camera and editing programs so tat makes it a little tough to get started there. Maybe someday I’ll be one of them!

So sorry to be so lame! but that’s what’s up with me!!

Come back tomorrow for day 7! A seasonal inspired post!!


****Fourth of July!!! ****











I had an amazing fourth of July! I got to spend it with three very good friends.









Of course we are all decked out in red white and blue (I’m missing the white but its fine)









Been friends with these two for a long time!! Madellen (on the right) you might recognize from earlier posts, we used to live in the same dorm, we also have known each other since we were like 5! She is one of my very best friends! And I have been friends with Hunter (middle) since high school! She goes to WSU so it’s a marvelous time when I get to see her!









And here is a fun little photo ofย  Madellen accepting yet still slightly judging me and my energy ๐Ÿ˜›

Hope everybody had a fun and safe Independence Day!