Just yesterday my boyfriend Ian and I got each other our 2 year anniversary gifts! since we are both in college and are struggling on a tight budget we decided we would get each other the same gift, less than ten dollars. So we decided on getting each other a plant! I got him a Dracaena which is a tall grass like house plant and he got me three little tiny succulents and I am obsessed with them and I’ve only had them for a day so far! I got a Sedum Pork and Beans, a Echeveria Dondo, and a Echeveria Pulldonis. I got them from The Home Depot for $2.98 each, they are 4oz succulents which are very tiny and inexpensive. i still haven’t found a home for them to be planted in so they are just chillin in their plastic pots still until I find them a pretty little home. I have been on Pinterest all morning trying to get ideas on what to replant them in, you can literally plant them in anything and they will grow πŸ™‚ I am thinking about going and getting a pretty little tin jewelery box from an antique store or the Goodwill like this pin I saw,Image

I am so very excited to get more succulents and grow them in my apartment next school year, but for now they will have to enjoy my dorm room.

I’ll keep you posted on my plants πŸ™‚