May Wantable Box

So I got an email from a website I had entered a giveaway on and this website was enticing.Β  It was telling me to order a monthly box of goodies. I investigate this idea of a monthly goody box and thought it sounded like fun! was the website that had sent me the email. You have three choices of a box, makeup, accessories, or intimates. you can either pay $36 per month and receive one surprise box a month or you can pay $40 once for one box. I decided I don’t really have the money for a subscription so i just paid the $40 and got myself one box. I chose makeup because I have an addiction and no I don’t want help for my addiction.

In my Wantable Box I received four items; two Eleece mask mask pouches which retail for $15 per packet. ncLA nail lacquer in Not So Sweet which retails for $16 per polish. La Bella Donna lip stick in the shade Pink Sand retailing for $24.50, and lastly black (noir) gel eyeliner from (Pla) Beauty retailing for $22.

I haven’t yet had a chance to try out the face mask but I am very excited to try it out soon! The nail polish is a beautiful light pink nude kind of color and the quality of the lacquer is top notch! I was extremely excited to see lip stick in my box when I opened it, I LOVE lipstick. Basically every time I go to the drug store or target I end up with a new lipstick! So I was obviously very happy with this gorgeous pink lipstick, the quality is amazing it goes on so smooth and it stays on for a good while as well. In the past I haven’t had good experiences with solid or gel eyeliner, I am a liquid liner type of gal, so I was a bit weary to try to wear this gel liner, but I was quite impressed, it is soft enough to go on easily without pulling my eyelid around and it isn’t a super ark black so I can layer it for any look I want and it’s easy to smudge for a smokey look as well.

Over all I highly recommend purchasing a Wantable box at least one time, it is so much fun and so worth it for the quality of the products you receive. Good job Wantable I am one happy camper with my May box.