Dresser Renovation

34fc4b0d18ddf7f5974c4a06da23b168As you may or may not know, I go to school at Western Washington University. Last year, my freshman year, I lived on campus in a dorm, I am living at home with my parents for the summer so I can work an save money. Come September I will be moving into an apartment with 3 other girls! So naturally I have spent the summer collecting furniture for my apartment. This new series called Apartment Decor DIY is going to show what I am making and or renovating for my apartment! I am obsessed with finding old pieces of furniture and fixing them so they look shiny and new! My first DIY post is showing step by step how I renovated my new dresser! Granted I didn’t do very much, the small details I did fix however made all of the difference in this piece.


This is the dresser in the antique shop right after we purchased it.

I found the dresser at an antique shop on Camano Island that I love called The Spare Room, this shop is always my go to when I am looking for something old and vintage that is still in good condition.

Right when I saw this dresser I knew exactly what I wanted to do to it. The owner of the shop had already repainted it and did a wonderful job aging the paint and the colors are perfect, however, she painted blue right over the beautiful knobs and handles. I could see through the paint that the hardware was originally gold or bronze and I was disappointed it was painted over. So I fixed the problem.

First thing to do is to gather your supplies: Collage Creator_1

Spray paint in the color of your choice to use on the hardware and paint in your color of choice if you plan on painting more than just the hardware. I used Krylon spray paint in gold, I bought this from Walmart.

Next thing you need is an empty box to paint in, a shallow box is best for better ventilation of the paint fumes but unfortunately all I had was a deep box so I had to take frequent breaks so I didn’t get  a head ache.

And an important step to remember is to put on a shirt and pants that you can get paint on, and make sure your hair is up so you don’t get paint in it.

All there is left to do is to take the handles off the dresser!

Once the handles are off, wash and dry them to make sure they don’t have dust on them that will show through the paint, put the handles in the box and spray until they look the way you want!

Like this post if this gave you some inspiration to renovate an old piece of furniture!  And comment to let me know what you have renovated or would like to renovate!

Stay tuned for more DIY posts as I get ready for the big move in September!


Dresser after I removed the handles.


Dresser with the painted handles back on and in my bedroom!


Dresser all settled into my room and looking beautiful!




Not the Summer I was Expecting

Every kid that goes to school loves summer and spends the whole school year counting the minutes till summer vacation when they are free to spend all day with friends in the sun at the beach or shopping. Don’t get me wrong I was that kid this school year, I knew I would have to have a job, I’m 19 and in college, a job is necessary if I want to afford anything next year. But I was still excited about summer,  the sun, my friends, no stress from school it would have been great; if reality hadn’t caught up so quickly. I never had many friends in high school, I had tons of acquaintances, sure, but really no good friends. Until this last year at Western I became best friends with one of those acquaintances.. Other than her I  don’t have any close friends in my hometown, all my close friends from college live at least an hour away d they have their own friends at home to hang out with and catch up with. So my summer has been pretty lonely so far. To make matters better my boyfriend is still in Bellingham and since he is doing summer school at the college and working on top of that it is  hard to make time together. One plus to not having anybody to hang out with i that me and my sister have become really close really quick, we never got along before  but I think we are both old enough to understand that we were born to be friends, we don’t have a choice.

In addition to being without friends, I am in general just without people. I am used to living in the dorms with people always with me i was rarely alone and I came to love the constant company. At home it is me and my sister most of the day and now that my sister got her license she can drive by herself and go visit her boyfriend which leaves me alone again. It’s depressing, I really do think it is making me depressed being so alone and sad and I hate it.

Summer this year is not what I was expecting but in the months to come I plan to make worth while of the alone time and try to not be depressed I want o enjoy this summer. I’ll make some new friends, find a new hobby or two, who knows maybe I’ll even excersize! This summer will not be as terrible in the end as it was in the beginning I am making my self a promise to make a good experience of this sad summer.