Blogger Challenge Day 2

Day 2: Review a product, service, or a brand

I have decided to review a product that is a favorite to many people and is very popular, I had so many people recommending this product to me so I finally gave in and bought myself a sample size of the They’re Real mascara by Benefit. My reaction is a combination of feelings. I can understand why people would enjoy this product, however it is not my favorite mascara ever. So for this review I thought a pros and cons list would be the best way to express how I feel about the product.



  • Amazing lengthening power, my lashes are always super long when I use this mascara
  • Very black, some black mascaras take a few coats to appear as dark as I would like but wit They’re Real one coat and my lashes are black as night
  • washes off easily, I have had a few mascaras that are impossible to wash off at the end of the night even though they aren’t water proof and it is the most annoying thing waking up with my eyelashes stuck together in the morning because I couldn’t get all my mascara off!
  • Doesn’t clump, this mascara goes on so smoothly and it is so wet at application that it is almost impossible to get that clumpy lash look some people like, so if you are one of those people, this is not the mascara for you!


  • The brush is so sharp!!!!, sometimes it actually hurts to apply mascara because the bristles on the brush are so incredibly sharp
  • Leaves marks on my eyelids? I’m not sure if it’s just because I didn’t get water proof or whatever, but after a few hours I end up with a few black lines on my eyelid where my lashes touch my skin, it’s amazing that my lashes get to be that long! but not so amazing walking around with black marks on my eyes….
  • Not so volumizing, all though this is mascara is crazy good at lengthening, I find myself applying another mascara over top to add some thickness to my lashes, I usually use Maybelline The Colossal Volume over top because I know it will add volume.

Tomorrow is Day 3 of the my blogger challenge: Quote of the Day


May Wantable Box

So I got an email from a website I had entered a giveaway on and this website was enticing.Β  It was telling me to order a monthly box of goodies. I investigate this idea of a monthly goody box and thought it sounded like fun! was the website that had sent me the email. You have three choices of a box, makeup, accessories, or intimates. you can either pay $36 per month and receive one surprise box a month or you can pay $40 once for one box. I decided I don’t really have the money for a subscription so i just paid the $40 and got myself one box. I chose makeup because I have an addiction and no I don’t want help for my addiction.

In my Wantable Box I received four items; two Eleece mask mask pouches which retail for $15 per packet. ncLA nail lacquer in Not So Sweet which retails for $16 per polish. La Bella Donna lip stick in the shade Pink Sand retailing for $24.50, and lastly black (noir) gel eyeliner from (Pla) Beauty retailing for $22.

I haven’t yet had a chance to try out the face mask but I am very excited to try it out soon! The nail polish is a beautiful light pink nude kind of color and the quality of the lacquer is top notch! I was extremely excited to see lip stick in my box when I opened it, I LOVE lipstick. Basically every time I go to the drug store or target I end up with a new lipstick! So I was obviously very happy with this gorgeous pink lipstick, the quality is amazing it goes on so smooth and it stays on for a good while as well. In the past I haven’t had good experiences with solid or gel eyeliner, I am a liquid liner type of gal, so I was a bit weary to try to wear this gel liner, but I was quite impressed, it is soft enough to go on easily without pulling my eyelid around and it isn’t a super ark black so I can layer it for any look I want and it’s easy to smudge for a smokey look as well.

Over all I highly recommend purchasing a Wantable box at least one time, it is so much fun and so worth it for the quality of the products you receive. Good job Wantable I am one happy camper with my May box.