Not the Summer I was Expecting

Every kid that goes to school loves summer and spends the whole school year counting the minutes till summer vacation when they are free to spend all day with friends in the sun at the beach or shopping. Don’t get me wrong I was that kid this school year, I knew I would have to have a job, I’m 19 and in college, a job is necessary if I want to afford anything next year. But I was still excited about summer,ย  the sun, my friends, no stress from school it would have been great; if reality hadn’t caught up so quickly. I never had many friends in high school, I had tons of acquaintances, sure, but really no good friends. Until this last year at Western I became best friends with one of those acquaintances.. Other than her Iย  don’t have any close friends in my hometown, all my close friends from college live at least an hour away d they have their own friends at home to hang out with and catch up with. So my summer has been pretty lonely so far. To make matters better my boyfriend is still in Bellingham and since he is doing summer school at the college and working on top of that it isย  hard to make time together. One plus to not having anybody to hang out with i that me and my sister have become really close really quick, we never got along beforeย  but I think we are both old enough to understand that we were born to be friends, we don’t have a choice.

In addition to being without friends, I am in general just without people. I am used to living in the dorms with people always with me i was rarely alone and I came to love the constant company. At home it is me and my sister most of the day and now that my sister got her license she can drive by herself and go visit her boyfriend which leaves me alone again. It’s depressing, I really do think it is making me depressed being so alone and sad and I hate it.

Summer this year is not what I was expecting but in the months to come I plan to make worth while of the alone time and try to not be depressed I want o enjoy this summer. I’ll make some new friends, find a new hobby or two, who knows maybe I’ll even excersize! This summer will not be as terrible in the end as it was in the beginning I am making my self a promise to make a good experience of this sad summer.



Just yesterday my boyfriend Ian and I got each other our 2 year anniversary gifts! since we are both in college and are struggling on a tight budget we decided we would get each other the same gift, less than ten dollars. So we decided on getting each other a plant! I got him a Dracaena which is a tall grass like house plant and he got me three little tiny succulents and I am obsessed with them and I’ve only had them for a day so far! I got a Sedum Pork and Beans, a Echeveria Dondo, and a Echeveria Pulldonis. I got them from The Home Depot for $2.98 each, they are 4oz succulents which are very tiny and inexpensive. i still haven’t found a home for them to be planted in so they are just chillin in their plastic pots still until I find them a pretty little home. I have been on Pinterest all morning trying to get ideas on what to replant them in, you can literally plant them in anything and they will grow ๐Ÿ™‚ I am thinking about going and getting a pretty little tin jewelery box from an antique store or the Goodwill like this pin I saw,Image

I am so very excited to get more succulents and grow them in my apartment next school year, but for now they will have to enjoy my dorm room.

I’ll keep you posted on my plants ๐Ÿ™‚

Something Different

So the other day I got a little bored so I decided it was a good idea to dye my hair. What color though? This was the big question amongst me and my friends. I have done dark i have done super dark and I have accidentally done red (it wasn’t a pretty time). So my friend Sydney threw out an idea I hadn’t ever thought of before; “Why not blonde?”. Oh… blonde…. OKAY WHY NOT?! So I bleached my hair!

The first time we did a sandy blonde box, that didn’t work too well, it bleached my roots really well and then the rest was a pretty sandy blonde color but the color difference was too dramatic to handle. So the next day we buy another bleach blonde bow dye and do it and guess what… MY HAIR TURNED ORANGE it was really bad… So the next day we get a white blonde box and dye it again, this helped the orange a bit but it was still too yellow for my liking. So I decided it was a good time to call my mom and ask her to help me…

Luckily she wasn’t mad she just wished I would have asked her to take me to a professional in the first place. oops. So she took me to the salon and I had a wonderful time and my hair is now a beautiful blonde color! And even better in about a month I get to go back and bleach it even further to aย  platinum blonde!

ImageHere is me sitting in the salon being a goof with the cool blue bleach in my hair.

Imageand here is a half way decent picture of me after the salon! BLONDE!!

Moral of the story today children if you want to go platinum blonde go to the salon and get it done by a professional or else you will turn out like me with orange hair with lots of split ends!!