It’s That Time Again

Periods. They suck and we all know it. So here is my rant.

I am very emotional while on my cycle, like super emotional, one of those save the animals commercials and somebody better bring me a jumbo box of tissues. It really hit me when I was watching my favorite show on Netflix, Ghost Whisperer, and the main character, Melinda’s husband dies and she can see his ghost and it’s just so incredibly sad and I lost it. I cried like it was my husband who had died not a man on TV. My boyfriend especially knows to watch his step, if he says one thing wrong it sends me into a tizzy of frustration and sometimes tears. Not to mention all this crying and being sensitive leads to extreme exhaustion, I am always tired.

The physical pains are the worst though… The cramps that leave me in bed in the fetal position at any given moment. I have found that when the cramps hit when you’re not ready for them fetal position makes them feel better, at least that’s my experience, so when they ht me I’m immediately on the ground in a ball. The fact that none of my pants feel like they fit doesn’t help with me being overly sensitive, one look at my normally smooth stomach bulging over the hem of my jeans sends me over the top. Periods make pretty girls feel ugly and it sucks. Another pain is that everything is SORE; my vagina is sore, my back is sore, my boobs are sore, why is everything sore!? Me and my girlfriends call it the “vagina aches” when your vagina is sore and everyone knows that can have the potential to be worse than the cramps!

Not to mention the fact that I constantly want to cuddle with every one and everything. If there is a pillow or stuffed animal near, I’m probably cuddling it, I cuddle with my friends more than is probably acceptable and I know my boyfriend is tired of it. I get so clingy like I never want to let him go I’m always holding his hand or his arm orΒ  something. And it’s hard to cuddle and eat at the same time, trust me I know. As hard as I try I can’t do them both even though to need to do them both feels so strong inside me. “MUST HAVE FOOD! BUT WAIT I NEED TO HOLD YOU AT THE SAME TIME!!” Ugh, even I’m annoyed by myself when I’m menstruating. (I hate that word… why did I use it? IDK) Salt and vinegar chips though, I bought like three bags last week and ate them all because I “needed” them. I am my own worst enemy during that week.