Not the Summer I was Expecting

Every kid that goes to school loves summer and spends the whole school year counting the minutes till summer vacation when they are free to spend all day with friends in the sun at the beach or shopping. Don’t get me wrong I was that kid this school year, I knew I would have to have a job, I’m 19 and in college, a job is necessary if I want to afford anything next year. But I was still excited about summer,Β  the sun, my friends, no stress from school it would have been great; if reality hadn’t caught up so quickly. I never had many friends in high school, I had tons of acquaintances, sure, but really no good friends. Until this last year at Western I became best friends with one of those acquaintances.. Other than her IΒ  don’t have any close friends in my hometown, all my close friends from college live at least an hour away d they have their own friends at home to hang out with and catch up with. So my summer has been pretty lonely so far. To make matters better my boyfriend is still in Bellingham and since he is doing summer school at the college and working on top of that it isΒ  hard to make time together. One plus to not having anybody to hang out with i that me and my sister have become really close really quick, we never got along beforeΒ  but I think we are both old enough to understand that we were born to be friends, we don’t have a choice.

In addition to being without friends, I am in general just without people. I am used to living in the dorms with people always with me i was rarely alone and I came to love the constant company. At home it is me and my sister most of the day and now that my sister got her license she can drive by herself and go visit her boyfriend which leaves me alone again. It’s depressing, I really do think it is making me depressed being so alone and sad and I hate it.

Summer this year is not what I was expecting but in the months to come I plan to make worth while of the alone time and try to not be depressed I want o enjoy this summer. I’ll make some new friends, find a new hobby or two, who knows maybe I’ll even excersize! This summer will not be as terrible in the end as it was in the beginning I am making my self a promise to make a good experience of this sad summer.


End of the Beginning

So here begins the beginning of the end of my last few days of my freshman year of college. The end of living in the dorms, sharing a shower with 50 other girls, eating the bland dining hall food. The end of living across the hall from my best friends, being surrounded by people I know, people who are in the same position I am in; freshman year. By far the most difficult, stressful, exciting, and the most fun year of my life. I have met so many amazing people, done so many new things. I started this blog, never thought I would do that in my life, and I love it. I love this blog. I also love my boyfriend. This year started out rough for us but I have confidence that that rough patch was the end of our rough patch.
This year I got to fall in love with him all over again.

I moved out of my parents house; granted I will be living there over summer, but this will be the last summer I live with them. Though it is sad to think about how grown up I am… I am also excited to start being an adult, living in my own apartment, grocery shopping, cleaning, budgeting. Yes, I know they still pay for a lot of the things I have to pay for but I am starting to cut loose from that, slowly but I am. I love my parents and they have taught me a lot, so have my friends, new and old, so has my boyfriend. I learned that you can’t just quit on something you love because it gets hard, you have to work to make something happen the way you want it to.

This year was a year I will never forget, I am so thankful that I was lucky enough to be able to have an opportunity like this one and I will never forget my freshman year.


Just yesterday my boyfriend Ian and I got each other our 2 year anniversary gifts! since we are both in college and are struggling on a tight budget we decided we would get each other the same gift, less than ten dollars. So we decided on getting each other a plant! I got him a Dracaena which is a tall grass like house plant and he got me three little tiny succulents and I am obsessed with them and I’ve only had them for a day so far! I got a Sedum Pork and Beans, a Echeveria Dondo, and a Echeveria Pulldonis. I got them from The Home Depot for $2.98 each, they are 4oz succulents which are very tiny and inexpensive. i still haven’t found a home for them to be planted in so they are just chillin in their plastic pots still until I find them a pretty little home. I have been on Pinterest all morning trying to get ideas on what to replant them in, you can literally plant them in anything and they will grow πŸ™‚ I am thinking about going and getting a pretty little tin jewelery box from an antique store or the Goodwill like this pin I saw,Image

I am so very excited to get more succulents and grow them in my apartment next school year, but for now they will have to enjoy my dorm room.

I’ll keep you posted on my plants πŸ™‚

2 Years of Love

A little bit more than two years ago I saw the love of my life in a hall way in my old high school. As soon as I saw him I knew I needed to meet him, as a junior I was wondering why I had never seen this guy before… how had I missed such a cute face!? After seeing him I talked to my friends about the cute boy and it turns out all of my friends know him in one way or another and I am sitting there shocked and confused as to why I have never met him!

After not so subtly stalking him on Facebook and in real life, I mean finding his car in the school parking lot and parking near him everyday for a month, I finally convinced my friend to help me get to know him. Little did I know that my friend Annie had been talking about me with him and so had Amy… He knew who I was and thought I was cute! OMG but how did he know who I was?

He had seen the pictures my friends had posted on Facebook of our girls day in Seattle, and he saw me in the pictures and asked Annie about me!

This is the exact photo of me that caught my mans attention 2 years ago

This is the exact photo of me that caught my mans attention 2 years ago













After I did some real good stalking some more Annie finally made a move for me. She stole his phone in class and texted me on it joking about how I had parked right next to him. After that he had my number and we started texting and then started hanging out with other friends for a while. Then may 24th was Senior Skip day, he was a senior not me, and he asked me to skip class with him and go to the Woodland Park Zoo with him… you know like a date πŸ™‚
So we went to the zoo and had an amazing time, it was so much fun I never wanted it to end, but it did and right before we left the park Ian asked me to be his girlfriend and I said yes. And we have been happy ever since. And in no way am I saying that in order to get the man of your dreams you should stalk him… because even though it worked out for me there was a period where Ian was creeped out but I pushed through that and because he has a great sense of humor he got over how weird I am and it all worked out.002

We forgot to take pictures at the zoo but these adorable pics were taken a weeks or so after the zoo

We forgot to take pictures at the zoo but these adorable pics were taken a weeks or so after the zoo