How to Save on School Supply Shopping

Believe it or not its about time to start shopping to go back to school for us kids and teenagers. I know most times its really hard to find everything that’s on your school supply list in one store, or maybe you just can’t find just the right backpack or the cute composition books! I know it was and still is always a competition to see who can find the cutest supplies for the lowest price, even in college. As a college student the biggest and most important supplies expense I have throughout the school year is text books, some books can be almost $300 dollars! I even had to pay almost $100 for a piece of cardboard with a code to an online book! It’s absolutely crazy how much I spend every quarter out of pocket on text books.
So as a savvy shopper I’m always looking for the cheapest way to get the text book I need, whether it be buying from a friend who had the class previously or renting the book and returning it. One thing I learned is that is my friend. They have everything you need to go back to school, whether it be elementary school, middle or high school, and you can even find college text books for amazing prices! They have a whole separate page for college shopping. Not quite shopping for college yet? No worries they have a page for grade school shopping too!
Going to school with a backpack full of supplies that I saved money on is the best feeling especially knowing I got everything I needed with out having to settle or compromise!