Something Different

So the other day I got a little bored so I decided it was a good idea to dye my hair. What color though? This was the big question amongst me and my friends. I have done dark i have done super dark and I have accidentally done red (it wasn’t a pretty time). So my friend Sydney threw out an idea I hadn’t ever thought of before; “Why not blonde?”. Oh… blonde…. OKAY WHY NOT?! So I bleached my hair!

The first time we did a sandy blonde box, that didn’t work too well, it bleached my roots really well and then the rest was a pretty sandy blonde color but the color difference was too dramatic to handle. So the next day we buy another bleach blonde bow dye and do it and guess what… MY HAIR TURNED ORANGE it was really bad… So the next day we get a white blonde box and dye it again, this helped the orange a bit but it was still too yellow for my liking. So I decided it was a good time to call my mom and ask her to help me…

Luckily she wasn’t mad she just wished I would have asked her to take me to a professional in the first place. oops. So she took me to the salon and I had a wonderful time and my hair is now a beautiful blonde color! And even better in about a month I get to go back and bleach it even further to aΒ  platinum blonde!

ImageHere is me sitting in the salon being a goof with the cool blue bleach in my hair.

Imageand here is a half way decent picture of me after the salon! BLONDE!!

Moral of the story today children if you want to go platinum blonde go to the salon and get it done by a professional or else you will turn out like me with orange hair with lots of split ends!!