Blogger Challenge Day 7

Day 7 Do a seasonal inspired post

I haven’t had time to really think about this post so I decided to do something simple and something I can do without having to go buy materials and spend hours working on it and taking pictures, cause ain’t nobody got time for that! I mean some people do… just not me…

Anyways, I decided to do a post on my favorite beverages for this time of year! And yes, i do love a good Pumpkin Spice Latte, but I’m talking about DIY make it yourself drinks that don’t require time, fancy equipment or expensive ingredients!

The first drink I enjoy this time of year is a nice Alpine brand hot apple cider, while some people also like the cold apple cider, I am not a huge fan, I prefer it hot!

I normally use my Keurig to heat up the water! but if you don’t have a Keurig or another individual coffee machine then just heat water in a pot or in the microwave! If I use my really big mug I will add two packets of the mix just because it tastes watered down other wise. I don’t add anything special to this drink because I think it is perfect just the way it is!

The next drink I like to make is a chai tea! my favorite is the Oregon Chai Chai Latte,

I normally get the original formula but this last time I went to the store they only had the sugar free kind so that’s what I got. All you have to do is add equal amounts of milk (or any milk substitute) and the chai mix heat up for 2-3 minutes and enjoy! you can also make this drink over ice which is really nice in the afternoon or in the spring or summer! To make the iced version it is the same just equal amounts milk and chia over ice and there you have it!

A few days ago I found a chai drink recipe and I tried it this morning and loved it! Make the iced chai with unsweetened almond milk instead of milk and add some cinnamon or nutmeg (or both) and it is so good! it’s both sweet and spicy because the almond milk has a natural sweetness to it and the chai is a little spicy! I made myself two glasses of this this morning!

And of course there is the old favorite, hot chocolate! I like the Swiss Miss kind with the little marshmallows! Sometimes if I have a real sweet tooth I even add a little vanilla coffee creamer and it gives it a rich texture and a fun sweet flavor! Closer to Christmas time I add a peppermint stick or just peppermint mocha coffee creamer!

I hope you try some of these or if you have already tried them let me know which is your favorite!

Day 8 tomorrow! home decor, beauty, or fashion wish list


Blogger Challenge Day 6

So day six is upon us and the topic of this post is to show you  what I am currently reading….

Cue the disappointment because I am not currently reading anything really, I have started a few books and wasn’t able to really get into them simply because of the lack of down time I have to read. When I read I sit and normally will read for a good couple of hours but not being able to read for that long has really put a damper on my reading… I guess I could say I am reading my school text books but you guys don’t want to read about that.

What I am spending quite a bit of time doing however is watching YouTube videos, I am subscribed to A TON of beauty gurus on YouTube like Heart Defensor (ThatsHeart), Meghan Rienks, and Ingrid Nilsen (Missglamorazzi). I have been obsessed with these ladies for a bout a year now and I cannot go a day without checking to see if there are new videos. My dream right now would be to become one of them, they get to go do such cool stuff, they get invited to events and award shows and they are apart of such a close knit community I want to be a part of it! But I can’t afford a fancy camera and editing programs so tat makes it a little tough to get started there. Maybe someday I’ll be one of them!

So sorry to be so lame! but that’s what’s up with me!!

Come back tomorrow for day 7! A seasonal inspired post!!

Blogger Challenge Day 3,4, and 5

So I realize I am behind by a few days on my challenge, but I promise I have a good reason!….

My boyfriend adopted a cat/kitten he’s about a year so he is still young enough to be a kitten but not really haha. He adopted him on Sunday of last week but we just got to take him home this last Wednesday which was the 5th and also supposed to be day 3. Buuuuuuut as you could have guessed I became a tad preoccupied with the new baby in my life! Don’t worry, many pictures will be posted he is adorable!!

So I decided to combine the last three days into one!

Day 3: Quote of the day:

“Nothing is impossible, the word itself says I’m possible!”

This is my favorite quote because it was said by my all time favorite person Audrey Hepburn! And it’s just so true and clever ! This quote is actually hanging on a canvas in my bathroom so I get to see it every single day!

Day 4: Top 5


1. Love and Beauty by Forever 21 nude lip gloss, they no longer sell this color and I have no idea what it’s called but it is by far the most beautiful nude gloss I have ever owned. I pair it with every lipstick ever and it always looks perfect!

2. Kate by Rimmel #08 , this is the perfect neutral pinkish brown color and the quality is awesome!Perfect color! Rimmel London Kate Moss Collection Lipstick 08--Beautiful Color! | See more about shades of pink, lip colors and lipstick colors.

3. Every Revlon Lip Butter ever. I personally have Raspberry Pie and Strawberry Shortcake and love them!!

!Revlon Lip Butter Colors-I want almost all of these.

4. Clinique Chubby Sticks, I only own two but I love both of them so I am assuming all of the colors are beautiful, I own, heftiest hibiscus and heaping hazelnut

Clinique Chubby Stick Intense, $16, The Best Beauty Products for December 2012

5. Maybelline Color sensational in Coral Crush, bright fun summery coral with amazing lasting powers!!

Maybelline Color Sensational Lip Color in Coral Crush ($7). #drugstorebeauty

(all photos found on Pinterest)

Day 5:Most Loved Possessions

A few of my most loved possessions would be my Turtle Pillow Pet, my promise ring, and my jewelery box .

My pillow pet I have had since I was 16, I got it as a birthday present from my cousins who used to live in Idaho and have just recently moved to Portland, Oregon. It is one of the mini pillow pets and I take him every where… just ask my boyfriend, he would love nothing more than to throw it away but I love it!

Last year for Christmas my boyfriend got me  beautiful promise ring after we went through a rough patch and had to spend some time apart to work on ourselves, it means the world to me because every time I put it on I remember how strong we both became and how we were able to come back together to share the love we have.

When I was young, like super young and I had just started to learn about jewelery and I got my first pair of earrings my grandmother gave me a gorgeous wooden jewelery box with a heart shaped piece of glass on the top, I have always used this box and never bought another one because this one means so  much to me My grandmother has a box that is larger than mine but they came together and she gave me the smaller box.

So there’s three more days from the 12 day blogger challenge! Tomorrow, Day 6: What am I currently Reading?

Blogger Challenge Day 2

Day 2: Review a product, service, or a brand

I have decided to review a product that is a favorite to many people and is very popular, I had so many people recommending this product to me so I finally gave in and bought myself a sample size of the They’re Real mascara by Benefit. My reaction is a combination of feelings. I can understand why people would enjoy this product, however it is not my favorite mascara ever. So for this review I thought a pros and cons list would be the best way to express how I feel about the product.



  • Amazing lengthening power, my lashes are always super long when I use this mascara
  • Very black, some black mascaras take a few coats to appear as dark as I would like but wit They’re Real one coat and my lashes are black as night
  • washes off easily, I have had a few mascaras that are impossible to wash off at the end of the night even though they aren’t water proof and it is the most annoying thing waking up with my eyelashes stuck together in the morning because I couldn’t get all my mascara off!
  • Doesn’t clump, this mascara goes on so smoothly and it is so wet at application that it is almost impossible to get that clumpy lash look some people like, so if you are one of those people, this is not the mascara for you!


  • The brush is so sharp!!!!, sometimes it actually hurts to apply mascara because the bristles on the brush are so incredibly sharp
  • Leaves marks on my eyelids? I’m not sure if it’s just because I didn’t get water proof or whatever, but after a few hours I end up with a few black lines on my eyelid where my lashes touch my skin, it’s amazing that my lashes get to be that long! but not so amazing walking around with black marks on my eyes….
  • Not so volumizing, all though this is mascara is crazy good at lengthening, I find myself applying another mascara over top to add some thickness to my lashes, I usually use Maybelline The Colossal Volume over top because I know it will add volume.

Tomorrow is Day 3 of the my blogger challenge: Quote of the Day

Blogger Challenge Day 1

It’s been a while since I posted, I’ve been pretty busy moving into my new apartment starting school back up and figuring things out in Bellingham again. I’ve been a little blog blocked lately not being able to think of anything to post, then I saw the 12 Day Blogger Challenge on Pinterest and decided that would be the perfect opportunity to get back into the blogging groove again!!

Day 1: Why I Blog, and 5 Random Facts About Me

Why I Blog

Originally I started blogging out of curiosity , I was almost done with my first year of college and I wanted to try something new and blogging looked fun and I had a few friends who had blogs, so I started my own blog. After the school year ended I moved back home and blogged a lot during the summer out of pure boredom and a little of it was just being so depressed from being away from all my friends. I spent this last summer working and spending time at home alone, I had gotten so used to being around people all the time and having my best friends living across the hall from me in the dorm I was just so lonely at home without people around all the time I found myself blogging and writing a lot to keep myself occupied; and even better I gained a following of people who made me feel less alone and I started to feel better.

So I blog to have fun, to express myself, and for the loving community surrounding the blogging world.

5 Random Facts About me:

1. I am studying to become an elementary school teacher

2. I have a paralyzing fear of spiders… my boyfriend has a pet tarantula…

3. I have an obsession with Audrey Hepburn and turtles

4. Sometimes I have dreams that I am Blair Waldorf from Gossip Girl

5. I have an addiction to drug store makeup 0_0

So there’s my Blogger Challenge Day 1! Day 2 tomorrow I will be reviewing a product, service, or brand!!