Dresser Renovation

34fc4b0d18ddf7f5974c4a06da23b168As you may or may not know, I go to school at Western Washington University. Last year, my freshman year, I lived on campus in a dorm, I am living at home with my parents for the summer so I can work an save money. Come September I will be moving into an apartment with 3 other girls! So naturally I have spent the summer collecting furniture for my apartment. This new series called Apartment Decor DIY is going to show what I am making and or renovating for my apartment! I am obsessed with finding old pieces of furniture and fixing them so they look shiny and new! My first DIY post is showing step by step how I renovated my new dresser! Granted I didn’t do very much, the small details I did fix however made all of the difference in this piece.


This is the dresser in the antique shop right after we purchased it.

I found the dresser at an antique shop on Camano Island that I love called The Spare Room, this shop is always my go to when I am looking for something old and vintage that is still in good condition.

Right when I saw this dresser I knew exactly what I wanted to do to it. The owner of the shop had already repainted it and did a wonderful job aging the paint and the colors are perfect, however, she painted blue right over the beautiful knobs and handles. I could see through the paint that the hardware was originally gold or bronze and I was disappointed it was painted over. So I fixed the problem.

First thing to do is to gather your supplies: Collage Creator_1

Spray paint in the color of your choice to use on the hardware and paint in your color of choice if you plan on painting more than just the hardware. I used Krylon spray paint in gold, I bought this from Walmart.

Next thing you need is an empty box to paint in, a shallow box is best for better ventilation of the paint fumes but unfortunately all I had was a deep box so I had to take frequent breaks so I didn’t get  a head ache.

And an important step to remember is to put on a shirt and pants that you can get paint on, and make sure your hair is up so you don’t get paint in it.

All there is left to do is to take the handles off the dresser!

Once the handles are off, wash and dry them to make sure they don’t have dust on them that will show through the paint, put the handles in the box and spray until they look the way you want!

Like this post if this gave you some inspiration to renovate an old piece of furniture!  And comment to let me know what you have renovated or would like to renovate!

Stay tuned for more DIY posts as I get ready for the big move in September!


Dresser after I removed the handles.


Dresser with the painted handles back on and in my bedroom!


Dresser all settled into my room and looking beautiful!



Rose Gold Eye Makeup

20140721_224816    I got some inspiration for this look from Pinterest however the makeup turned out more pink on the Pinterest tutorial even though it was the same makeup, buuuut I wasn’t a huge fan of how pink it was anyways so I am very pleased with how this look turned out.

This look is very easy to accomplish and is perfect for day and is very easy to spice up for the evening. These two pictures are two different days and two slightly different looks.

What I used to accomplish this look:

Urban Decay’s Naked 3 palette

Urban Decay eyeshadow primer

an angled liner brush

Maybelline the Rocket Volume mascara

( I used my fingers to apply all of the eyeshadow except for the liner, I find it leads to less fall out and a more vibrant color)



20140722_112830How to accomplish this look:

(In an everyday situation I put on my liquid foundation first then eyeshadow hen concealer and the rest, but for this look I started with the eyeshadow because of how much fall out I had it was easier to clean it up with the foundation. )

Step 1: apply a generous amount of eyeshadow primer to your entire eyelid, the inner corner of  your eye and the lower lash line.

Step 2: apply Dust on your lid up to the crease area and out about half way.

Step 3: apply Nooner to the outer V area but not the crease, bring Nooner out a ways, this is dependent on how big you are wanting to make your wing, small wing, bring the shadow out a little bit, big wing drag it farther out.

Step 4: on top of Nooner apply a small amount of Buzz just to add some shimmer and a bit more pink.

Step 5: blend Burnout into the crease

Step 6: use Strange as a highlighter in the brow arch and inner corner

Step 7: use either Darkside or Blackheart as your liner on the top and bottom, I used Blackheart on the top and Darkside on the bottom because I don’t care for a dark bottom lash line.

Like I said this look is easy to go from day to night, keep the liner light and thin for a day look and make it darker and heavier for  night look.



How to Save on School Supply Shopping

Believe it or not its about time to start shopping to go back to school for us kids and teenagers. I know most times its really hard to find everything that’s on your school supply list in one store, or maybe you just can’t find just the right backpack or the cute composition books! I know it was and still is always a competition to see who can find the cutest supplies for the lowest price, even in college. As a college student the biggest and most important supplies expense I have throughout the school year is text books, some books can be almost $300 dollars! I even had to pay almost $100 for a piece of cardboard with a code to an online book! It’s absolutely crazy how much I spend every quarter out of pocket on text books.
So as a savvy shopper I’m always looking for the cheapest way to get the text book I need, whether it be buying from a friend who had the class previously or renting the book and returning it. One thing I learned is that Amazon.com is my friend. They have everything you need to go back to school, whether it be elementary school, middle or high school, and you can even find college text books for amazing prices! They have a whole separate page for college shopping. Not quite shopping for college yet? No worries they have a page for grade school shopping too!
Going to school with a backpack full of supplies that I saved money on is the best feeling especially knowing I got everything I needed with out having to settle or compromise!

****Fourth of July!!! ****











I had an amazing fourth of July! I got to spend it with three very good friends.









Of course we are all decked out in red white and blue (I’m missing the white but its fine)









Been friends with these two for a long time!! Madellen (on the right) you might recognize from earlier posts, we used to live in the same dorm, we also have known each other since we were like 5! She is one of my very best friends! And I have been friends with Hunter (middle) since high school! She goes to WSU so it’s a marvelous time when I get to see her!









And here is a fun little photo of  Madellen accepting yet still slightly judging me and my energy 😛

Hope everybody had a fun and safe Independence Day!

Not the Summer I was Expecting

Every kid that goes to school loves summer and spends the whole school year counting the minutes till summer vacation when they are free to spend all day with friends in the sun at the beach or shopping. Don’t get me wrong I was that kid this school year, I knew I would have to have a job, I’m 19 and in college, a job is necessary if I want to afford anything next year. But I was still excited about summer,  the sun, my friends, no stress from school it would have been great; if reality hadn’t caught up so quickly. I never had many friends in high school, I had tons of acquaintances, sure, but really no good friends. Until this last year at Western I became best friends with one of those acquaintances.. Other than her I  don’t have any close friends in my hometown, all my close friends from college live at least an hour away d they have their own friends at home to hang out with and catch up with. So my summer has been pretty lonely so far. To make matters better my boyfriend is still in Bellingham and since he is doing summer school at the college and working on top of that it is  hard to make time together. One plus to not having anybody to hang out with i that me and my sister have become really close really quick, we never got along before  but I think we are both old enough to understand that we were born to be friends, we don’t have a choice.

In addition to being without friends, I am in general just without people. I am used to living in the dorms with people always with me i was rarely alone and I came to love the constant company. At home it is me and my sister most of the day and now that my sister got her license she can drive by herself and go visit her boyfriend which leaves me alone again. It’s depressing, I really do think it is making me depressed being so alone and sad and I hate it.

Summer this year is not what I was expecting but in the months to come I plan to make worth while of the alone time and try to not be depressed I want o enjoy this summer. I’ll make some new friends, find a new hobby or two, who knows maybe I’ll even excersize! This summer will not be as terrible in the end as it was in the beginning I am making my self a promise to make a good experience of this sad summer.

My Drugstore Lip Favs

I have a relatively large collection of lipsticks, lip glosses, and lip balms. Most of my collection is bought from Target or Rite Aid because I have a very strict cosmetics budget and you can find quality for a good price in a drugstore.

So I’m going to start with lip balms: my ultimate fav lip balm is the Maybelline Baby Lips, I have two colors/flavors. the original clear balm in the blue tube was my first love and I used it to the end and then replaced it with the Cherry Me flavor which is a red color in the orange tube, which you can purchase here . The cherry Me is my favorite because it gives a very natural red color that isn’t sticky and wont get all over my teeth and face. That is my biggest issue with lipstick, it gets on everything if you aren’t careful. My other fav lip balms are the EOS eggs! I have the lemon drop, sweet mint, and summer fruit flavors and I love them all. I have had the lemon drop flavor for a year now and it’s still not gone even though I use it religiously which is amazing to me! I love a lip balm that will last me a while.

Cherry Me

Cherry Me

I have so many different lipsticks it was hard for me to pick 3 of my favorites! But I finally narrowed it down. First off I have Kate by Rimmel London, I have two shades; 01,a deep red color and 08 a dark nude color. I love these because they go on thick and give a fabulous color that is great for a special occasion. The 01 red was my very first red lipstick so I have a special place in my heart for this one ;). Next I have Maybelline Colorsensational in Coral Crush, I love this color so much I decided to go get a Clinique Chubby Stick in the same color so I could have a longer lasting color. For the price I still recommend this brand though. It goes on smooth and light making it easy to get the color you want by layering. And lastly my ultimate favorite drug store lipsticks, Revlon Colorburst.

Strawberry Shortcake

Strawberry Shortcake

Raspberry Pie

Raspberry Pie










I only have two colors from this band but if I could afford more lipstick I would continue to buy this brand. It feels like a chap stick on your lips but the color is so rich and beautiful. I have Strawberry Shortcake, a pale pink that makes any face look innocent and fresh, and Raspberry Pie which is a deep magenta that can make anyone look bad a$$.

I hope this review was helpful in your next lip stick shopping spree!!